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After being mentioned on Bed-Stuy Blog as one of the top eight excellent blogs by The Changeling I said to myself, “Self, you’ve really screwed the pooch in November.”

After a compliment like that, I can’t just let this blog end up like a nice mini-muffin that falls under the couch, slowly getting staler and staler. If blogging is a way I can make Bed-Stuy better, I’m glad to be a part of it.

I ended up having 15 posts in October which does indeed come out to a post every other day for that month, so that’s a goal accomplished.

So here’s the deal, I picked a niche I couldn’t really live in for too long and so as a result I ran out of things to talk about. To be honest, gentrification wasn’t as interesting to me as I thought would be at first. It was fascinating as most new concepts are, but I’ve come to realize that it’s really just a buzzword, good for academic and magazine articles, but not for producing an every-other-daily blog.

Another complication is that it means a lot of different things to just about everyone. I do have some final thoughts I’d like to share about gentrification and so this week gets two posts in one day and I’ll start the new format as data becomes available.

What will that be? I think that it will continue to be primarily centered in Bed-Stuy (it’s where I live yo), but I also live in Brooklyn — New York City! I haven’t completed exploring yet! Thus I’ll have a lot to say about my travels and love of the subway. Stay tuned to find out.

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