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Monthly Archives: October 2007

A whole lot of fail

So … the blogscussion didn’t turn out like I had expected =) In any case, I have another question to ponder: is the resistance to gentrification in Bed-Stuy based on race? It’s certainly part of it, but how large a part? Check out the comments in this review of Tiny Cup. I visited there this […]


Blogs aren’t specifically designed for dialog, so this might be a bit awkward, but I envision this post as more of a discussion rather than a normal post. Save for this: Figured it out Streetfaerie: If you are going to live in this neighborhood then plan on actually becoming a part of it. How offensive […]


I got a great comment from Streetfaerie and I think it will be instructive to address it point by point. All quotes are verbatim. Im just finding this blog so I havent read all the posts but are you serious about living in the Stuy and being “independent” of the neighborhood, only venturing to “scurry” […]

Bed-Stuy brownstoners tour

For once I have a lot more to write about than I have time to write. I decided to check out a stoop sale on Jefferson that I had seen advertised as well as visit some more data points on the map I have. I am used to garage sales in Texas, and thought this […]

Sweet seduction

I have to admit, I was somewhat seduced by, the broker for the MYNT. I walked into their offices one day and asked if they could help me find an apartment. I said I didn’t want to pay more than $1500, but that was a mistake. I should have said I don’t want to […]

The reclusive garden

In lieu of a real post (you can only say so much about the walk from the subway to your apartment, really), I wanted to discuss a post from Bed-Stuy Blog with the readers of this blog. I passed this garden the other day. I was completely surprised when I passed it. It is really […]

Gentrification and consumerism

What are the consequences of consumerism? Will Bed-Stuy eventually look like Manhattan? How would the feel of the neighborhood change if more Duane Reade’s (on the way), Starbucks, national banks (Chase, Citi, Bank of America), McDonalds or (even a Wal-Mart) moved in? Before going too anti-chain remember that Wal-Mart and McDonalds both started with a […]


<excuse>Yikes! What a week at work!</excuse> I decided to test my hypothesis of the 11:45 PM police situation on the G on Thursday night. There was the normal police presence (aside from some EMTs across the platform helping someone who had apparently lost the strength to stand), but nothing like on Wednesday thankfully. Then I […]

Fuzzy evening

I was surprised the other day at proof that people have found this blog by a comment left by Sam. I appreciate the feedback and hope that anyone reading continues to find this blog useful. He wondered, as have I, about what stores will occupy the first floor. I asked the man on site about […]

Weekend odyssey

This post is a bit lengthy, but the posts during the week will likely be short. Home Depot is Home Depot, of course. I think I can get all the stuff I need for my coffee table there, but I have strange ideas for coffee tables. Maybe I should be an artist =) In the […]