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Fuzzy evening

I was surprised the other day at proof that people have found this blog by a comment left by Sam. I appreciate the feedback and hope that anyone reading continues to find this blog useful.

He wondered, as have I, about what stores will occupy the first floor. I asked the man on site about it and he described them as

  • A Duane Reade
  • A coffee shop
  • Probably a day care
  • Perhaps a medical office

He made it seem that the Duane Reade was a done deal, but I’m not sure about the others. When they will open is anyone’s guess, but from the looks of things I wouldn’t bet that it will be next Tuesday.

Work kept me in Manhattan past 7:00, the closing time for most interesting places I have found so far in the neighborhood, so I wandered around the city for a while. I finally decided to go home and got on the G at about 11:30.

While waiting to transfer there were a few cops standing on the platform. I see this from time to time and didn’t really think anything about it. But then when the train arrived they also boarded. Normally when I see cops on trains, they seem to be using the subway to actually get somewhere and policing is what they’ll be doing after they get off the train.

These men seemed to be policing the car.

On my car they were very stern and didn’t say anything, mostly responding with nods. I thought this might be to hide the fact that they spoke like Curly which would totally ruin their cop vibe.

I don’t know what they were doing, but the I found their presence to be a bit unsettling, a sign of trouble. Maybe this is the way it always is and I simply haven’t been around long enough to notice.

The G Report: This morning I left a little later than usual. I could see that I had just missed the train when I came in at 9:46, but another was there at 9:51 so it took about the same time to get to my destination as normal.

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