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Monthly Archives: October 2007

The mood was definitely mathematical.

I must have really been in a mathematical mood on Friday. The words in the title of the post, by design, did not only apply to my immediate concerns, but also to mathematics. A map is basically like a spreadsheet where items in the first column are the inputs for which the map is defined [...]

Maps, points and intersections.

I haven’t been out and about lately in the neighborhood, but I’ll be exploring some more this weekend. And as for posting frequency, I think I’ll stick to daily during the weekdays, at least until I get teh internetz set up. I’m waiting on that for now until I figure some other things out. Tomorrow [...]

The search for shops.

Yesterday I decided I would try to find a grocer somewhere in the vicinity of 756 Myrtle to begin frequenting. I picked a store randomly and went in and bought a few items for the next morning. I’m not certain, but from what I can tell it seems that most places around are cash only. [...]

Walks down Myrtle Ave

So yesterday I was unable to post because I was too busy at work and I have not set the internet up at the apartment. I intend on this being a daily blog, but if nothing else I will try to make it every-other-daily. On Monday night, after I had posted Monday’s post, I went [...]

Moving day!

Today I moved (read: put my bags) into my new apartment on Myrtle and Nostrand. I had been scheduled to move in at 8 am, but there was an issue with the keys which had me waiting around a bit (although not too long). I met some of my other fellow Mynters and on my [...]