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Moving and shaking

The intersection of Myrtle, Nostrand and me is quickly becoming a thing of the past. I didn’t renew my lease, and so I will be moving out of everyone’s favorite yuppie spaceship. I’m off to another famous New York neighborhood, the East Village.

I found living at 756 Myrtle inconvenient due to the forced dependence on the G train. The G isn’t worse than any other line, but it suffers from being isolated and having no stops in Manhattan. Granted, if you spend most of your time in Brooklyn or Queens this might not be much of a problem. When you’ve already been on the subway for an hour and you still have a transfer left, you tire quickly even if it isn’t already after midnight. I’ve also been living alone for about two years, and since I’m new to New York it’s not an ideal situation for growing a network of friends. will stay, any links will still work, but new content will probably be different.

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