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New Bus B38 Limited

Today the MTA lovingly deposited a service change notice in the mailboxes of everyone’s favorite yuppie spaceship.

To speed your trip, NYC Transit is introducing B38 limited-stop weekday service along DeKalb and Lafayette Avs between Flatbush and Seneca Avs.

Toward Downtown, Brookln [sic] (along DeKalb Av)

Limited-stop service operates from 6:45 AM to 6:25 PM.
B38 Limited-Stop Bus Stops
On DeKalb Av at: Seneca Av, Wyckoff Av, Knickerbocker Av, Wilson Av, Myrtle/Central Avs, Broadway, Malcolm X Blvd, Lewis Av, Marcus Garvey Blvd, Nostrand Av, Bedford Av, Classon Av, Vanderbilt Av, Flatbush Av Ext

Toward Ridgewood, Queens (along Lafayette Av)

Limited-stop service operates from 8:05 AM to 7:35 PM.
B38 Limited-Stop Bus Stops
On Fulton St at: Flatbush Av Ext, Lafayette Av
On Lafayette Av at: Vanderbilt Av, Classon Av, Bedford Av, Nostrand Av, Marcus Garvey Blvd, Lewis Av, Malcolm X Blvd, Patchen Av
On DeKalb Av at: Myrtle/Central Avs, Wilson Av, Knickerbocker Av, Wyckoff Av, Seneca Av

This is effective Monday, April 7, 2008. For your reference, here is the Brooklyn bus map from

Has this been on anyone’s wishlist? I’d like to know how big a difference this will make for those riding this route every day. If it was on yours, congratulations, it’s a bus!

Bedford-Stuyvesant Sunset

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