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Walks down Myrtle Ave

So yesterday I was unable to post because I was too busy at work and I have not set the internet up at the apartment. I intend on this being a daily blog, but if nothing else I will try to make it every-other-daily.

On Monday night, after I had posted Monday’s post, I went for a walk around the neighborhood.

Remember I said they were working on the street? Well by Tuesday it was finished in front of the MYNT. I applaud New York City (and other cities like San Antonio) which do road construction at night. I think it’s a great idea that will really help with the eternal maintenance problem.

I also noticed that there is a tight Hasidic concentration a few blocks down Myrtle. I think it may have been band practice night because they had some wicked tunes bustin’ out.

But like I said, it’s a tight concentration and so after about two blocks, you are seeing something different. And that different is the Pratt Institute. I didn’t go there on Monday night, but I did the next morning. I met another nice young lady going into the Pratt Store and she said that there were a lot of people moving in my direction on Myrtle because of rising costs of living in Fort Greene. Sound familiar?

On Monday night I did meet some of my extended neighbors. They were hanging out on a porch looking at a dog which happened to belong to the original nice lady on the sidewalk! She was there, her dog was there, these guys were there and I was there. It was a synchronous moment in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

One gentlemen here warned me to be careful walking at night. He had no less than four stories of people being mugged. This doesn’t change my opinion of the neighborhood, but it is at least noteworthy.

The G report: Tuesday, entered Myrtle-Willoughby at 9:19, the train arrived at 9:20, my total commute time was about 27 minutes. There were seats readily available when I first got on.

Wednesday entered Myrtle-Willoughby at 7:47, the train arrived at about 7:52 and my commute was, ok so I forgot to look when I got to work. Seats were scarce initially, but I got one one or two stops down the line.

I’m going to try to make this more systematic, but for now you’ll just have to deal with approximates. =)

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