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Category Archives: Theoretical

The reclusive garden

In lieu of a real post (you can only say so much about the walk from the subway to your apartment, really), I wanted to discuss a post from Bed-Stuy Blog with the readers of this blog. I passed this garden the other day. I was completely surprised when I passed it. It is really [...]

Gentrification and consumerism

What are the consequences of consumerism? Will Bed-Stuy eventually look like Manhattan? How would the feel of the neighborhood change if more Duane Reade’s (on the way), Starbucks, national banks (Chase, Citi, Bank of America), McDonalds or (even a Wal-Mart) moved in? Before going too anti-chain remember that Wal-Mart and McDonalds both started with a [...]

A brief timeline of the story so far…

August 2005 756 Myrtle appears on Brownstoner’s radar I have no idea I’m going to be living in New York City in two years. August 2007 I move to New York city to find a job. The MYNT goes rental Flame wars begin I am hired and subsequently sign my lease at the MYNT. September [...]