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<excuse>Yikes! What a week at work!</excuse>

I decided to test my hypothesis of the 11:45 PM police situation on the G on Thursday night. There was the normal police presence (aside from some EMTs across the platform helping someone who had apparently lost the strength to stand), but nothing like on Wednesday thankfully.

Then I ended up taking a ride at about 3 in the morning on Saturday. All in all it wasn’t a horrible experience, although it did take long time to get back to Myrtle-Willoughby. This is partly because, as on most subway lines, the G is undergoing ‘routine maintenance’ on weekends. As a result the G is segmented into several sublines with ‘last stops’ at least at Bedford/Nostrand and Hoyt/Schemmerhorn. So for instance, going from Hoyt/Schemmerhorn to Myrtle Willoughby means you have to stop at Bedford/Nostrand and walk across the platform to another Queens bound train. Since this was part of the route I took that night, it took a while to get home.

Later on Saturday I went to the Fulton Street Mall and Target. The 3 train was actually a 4 train so I ended up at Jay Street. I could have rode the A to Hoyt/Schemmerhorn, but I knew I’d have to transfer again at Bedford/Nostrand. Plus performing without a net is more my style anyway. I found I was conveniently close to Myrtle and so I rode the B54 bus back to Myrtle/Nostrand. It may be just me, but it seems like this bus has a stop on every block, but I’m certainly not complaining as it also has one on mine =)

I’m with Sam on the photos thing. I would love to post some, however without a camera I can only steal them from the internet. I am planning on purchasing a camera, but I haven’t decided on which yet. I’m torn between the Canon SD1000 and the Nikon Coolpix S51. The SD1000 is highly rated in most every review I read and is found to be superior to the S50. The S51 is the upgraded version of the S50 and so I’m a little worried that it may have some of the same problems as its predecessor. Hopefully it won’t because I’m thinking about buying it anyway.

The Cowboys play the Patriots today! The line says the Patriots have it, but the ‘boys are coming off an emotional win and will be playing in Texas. A win is not guaranteed (even a chance of 50/50 is probably generous!), but someone’s going away 6-0 from this matchup and I think conditions are right for an NFC win.

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