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Category Archives: Beyond Bed-Stuy

Moving and shaking

The intersection of Myrtle, Nostrand and me is quickly becoming a thing of the past. I didn’t renew my lease, and so I will be moving out of everyone’s favorite yuppie spaceship. I’m off to another famous New York neighborhood, the East Village. I found living at 756 Myrtle inconvenient due to the forced dependence […]

Rabid Commenter Strikes it Big

You can read all about “The What” and a little about Brownstoner in a lengthy New York Magazine article about the booms and busts of real estate in Broker. Er, Brooklyn. Speaking of which, almost two-thirds of my lease has expired. I’m enjoying my life here at the Yuppie Spaceship, and it’s definitely been easier […]

Short and sweet

I’m obviously not the most prolific blogger in the world, I hope you weren’t expecting me to be. I’m sure that there’s far more local information I could be bringing to your attention, dear reader, than I currently am, but sometimes my ability to portray my experiences here on the corner of Myrtle and Nostrand […]

Misunderstanding Art

There’s a lot of great art in New York City. Much of it is in the Subway. I generally am unable to comprehend exactly the message that most of it wants to convey (especially in the Lorimer station, WTF?) In the category of art I marginally understand, I don’t have to venture far from my […]

This post is not about Ron Paul.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it is because he‘s too red state. No, this post is about Hillary and Obama. Why Hillary and Obama you ask? Well ‘h’ is before ‘o’ in the alphabet. But seriously folks, the immediate area around everyone’s favorite yuppie spaceship is polling in favor of Obama. Cafe Naico apparently […]


<excuse>Yikes! What a week at work!</excuse> I decided to test my hypothesis of the 11:45 PM police situation on the G on Thursday night. There was the normal police presence (aside from some EMTs across the platform helping someone who had apparently lost the strength to stand), but nothing like on Wednesday thankfully. Then I […]

The mood was definitely mathematical.

I must have really been in a mathematical mood on Friday. The words in the title of the post, by design, did not only apply to my immediate concerns, but also to mathematics. A map is basically like a spreadsheet where items in the first column are the inputs for which the map is defined […]