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Rabid Commenter Strikes it Big

You can read all about “The What” and a little about Brownstoner in a lengthy New York Magazine article about the booms and busts of real estate in Broker. Er, Brooklyn.

Speaking of which, almost two-thirds of my lease has expired. I’m enjoying my life here at the Yuppie Spaceship, and it’s definitely been easier thanks to sites like Brownstoner, Bed-Stuy Blog and

Since the weather has been nicer I’ve been getting to know the area on foot a little better. What a treat!

The neighborhood is changing before my eyes with or without the help of Myrtle Place LLC. The promised Duane Reade, coffee shop and day care have not yet arrived, but there’s a new Family Dollar on Nostrand and Cafe Naico is plenty fine for my tastes. I’m not sure about child day care in the area, but I’ll bet there’s some close by.

I am astonished at how much things have changed since I have moved in, and I cannot imagine how it seems to people who have lived here all their lives. What do you think? I’d love to hear from those who live between Bedford and Tompkins, DeKalb and Flushing (or anyone near who’d like to comment). What do you think of the changes in the last year or so? Where is this neighborhood headed? What will change in Bed-Stuy?

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  1. Jeffrey Marx wrote:

    I really enjoyed stumbling upon your blog. I lived in Bed-Stuy on Bedford and Willoughby for almost a year. I didn’t make it through the full lease because my crazy landlord sued me! We won and he got thrown out of court! I was initially lured into the lore of living in Bed-Stuy by it’s close walk to my work, but nothing is worth it to live here anymore.

    I’m subletting with some hipsters in Williamsburg until I find a new place of my own…if there even is such a thing!

    If you wanna read about my lame Bed-Stuy experience, feel free to visit the following links!

    or my lame apartment search after the fact…


    Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at 1:01 pm | Permalink

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