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In a comment Choco Man says:

You need to tell us more about yourself. What’s your bio? (Did I hear you mention Texas? Is that where you’re from?) Tell us more…

A few days later, bed-stuy banana had this to say about anonymity:

My last post has been nastily commented on twice by ‘anonymous.’ I encourage dialogue, whether it be positive or negative, but at least have the courage to state your name and take ownership for your words.

That last post had been an intriguing commentary on my post summing up my thoughts on gentrification.

I didn’t leave the comment, just in case you were wondering =)

Choco Man, I appreciate your interest in me personally, however, this is not a personal blog. Granted, I’m a person blogging about stuff that happens to me and what I think about it, but that doesn’t make this a personal blog. Of course in it’s original form this blog was distinct from a personal blog, but now it’s not as clear. With the relaxation of the constraints I had originally laid out, the distinction is not at all apparent. Does it exist?

Maybe! Who knows?

In any case, I still do not intend this blog to be about me in the sense that most personal blogs are about their authors. I have revealed a few of facts about myself, and if you look at old posts you can learn a bit more about me. A few of the ones that I think help in understanding my perspective are:

  • I am Texan.
  • I like Mathematics.
  • I am a recent graduate.

For the highly motivated reader, there is of course the option of actually determining who I am. This is not an impossible task as I have made no attempt to conceal my identity other than not mentioning it here.

The drawback to this is that even if someone wants to know who I am, they will have to find out elsewhere. This is due to the fact that (barring a security compromise) I have complete control over the content which appears here, and I have no intention of releasing that information here.

It’s not because I’m ashamed of what I say or anything like that. Again, finding my information is not impossible, but it is fun keeping up with what I have revealed and considering all the possibilities of what people might assume about me. It allows me to gauge the (projected) personality of a person who responds to my words.

Plus, this kind of quasi-anonymous writing is a little mysterious and my hope is that it will keep people reading.

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