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I am a racist.

I’m sorry that I haven’t mentioned this earlier, as I had planned on making such a post at some point, but I obviously took too long.

The musical Avenue Q has a song which conclusively shows that I am a racist. The following lines in particular:

Everyone’s a little bit racist


Doesn’t mean we go

Around committing hate crimes.

Am I too racist? That is, so much so that it is one of the first things people think about me? I haven’t taken a poll recently, so I don’t know. I also don’t know of a reasonable way to quantify one’s racism so I can’t answer this question to my satisfaction.

Because of this I have no other justifiable course of action other than to try to be less racist than I currently am. I have already attempted to implement this course of action, but I fail frequently, which is why I need your help. If I say something racist, don’t let me get away with it.

Secondly I would like to make a statement on the issue of ‘coded racism‘. My aim with this method of communication is to unambiguously convey my thoughts to anyone interested in them. Therefore I have no interest in masking my meaning in code.

I also want those reading to enjoy themselves and so I try to inject humor occasionally which often requires certain ambiguities in order to elicit the desired reaction. If something I say doesn’t make sense or seems like ‘coded racism’ then please comment and ask about it. Then I can clarify for you or you can point out the plank in my eye that I am too blind to see. Speculation is not required as I am happy to address any questions that might arise.

I agree that ‘coded racism’ is worse than outright racism primarily because it is a contemptible form of deception which I loathe. An example of this is when my hometown high school (a few years after several teachers retired and I graduated) was found to be academically unacceptable by the state of Texas. They blamed it on ‘a single subsection’ of test scores. They were just as wrong as a child believing that it was only the straw that broke the camel’s back.

In conclusion, I hope that my being a cheap racist bastard will not distract you from learning more about the issues which I address.

P.S. I like the moniker ‘yuppie spaceship‘ so much that I will from this point forward only refer to the building that I live in under this title. Thanks bed-stuy banana!

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