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Not at all obvious

Bed-Stuy Banana asks:

“I’m curious … if the interviewees have more to say than what was quoted [in the article].”

I know at least I told Manny a lot more than was explicitly quoted, but I can understand with the constraints on an article like this. Here are what I felt were the most important things left out of the article.

  • I stole the term “Yuppie Spaceship” from Bed-Stuy Banana because I really like her blog. She always has great pictures and shares her honest opinions. Her posts and responses often challenge and force me to consider a perspective I would not otherwise.
  • The people of the Greater Free Gift Baptist Church are about the friendliest people I’ve met living here in Bed-Stuy. I have never felt more welcome in a place I visited for the first time. Thank you.
  • I told him that I felt like the building was a failed experiment, but later I realized this was imprecise and this lead to Hypothesis Shmypothesis. This is not a refutation of that thought, merely a clarification.
  • I think the half destruction of the ‘Underground Murders’ memorial seems to be a sign that the building owners are apathetic to its presence, which I feel is wrong. If this is progress, I want no part of it.
  • To reiterate, the post An Interesting Encounter describes an isolated incident and it is not commiserate with my general experience in this neighborhood. I have heard anecdotal evidence that my experience is somewhat unusual, so keep that in mind.
  • In my mind $1700 per month is not what I would consider a “good deal,” even for “luxury” accommodations as this place is billed. I don’t consider myself a hipster, a pioneer or a clever real estate shopper.

This article and the resulting comments have really opened up the possibilites for discussion and I will be addressing them in the days and weeks to come. Clearly I will revisit topics such as Identity and Restart and others as they become relevant. Now that my quasi-anonymity is nonexistent, my tone will be more personal and perhaps it will be easier to understand each other. I hope that is the case.