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Not at all obvious

Bed-Stuy Banana asks:

“I’m curious … if the interviewees have more to say than what was quoted [in the article].”

I know at least I told Manny a lot more than was explicitly quoted, but I can understand with the constraints on an article like this. Here are what I felt were the most important things left out of the article.

  • I stole the term “Yuppie Spaceship” from Bed-Stuy Banana because I really like her blog. She always has great pictures and shares her honest opinions. Her posts and responses often challenge and force me to consider a perspective I would not otherwise.
  • The people of the Greater Free Gift Baptist Church are about the friendliest people I’ve met living here in Bed-Stuy. I have never felt more welcome in a place I visited for the first time. Thank you.
  • I told him that I felt like the building was a failed experiment, but later I realized this was imprecise and this lead to Hypothesis Shmypothesis. This is not a refutation of that thought, merely a clarification.
  • I think the half destruction of the ‘Underground Murders’ memorial seems to be a sign that the building owners are apathetic to its presence, which I feel is wrong. If this is progress, I want no part of it.
  • To reiterate, the post An Interesting Encounter describes an isolated incident and it is not commiserate with my general experience in this neighborhood. I have heard anecdotal evidence that my experience is somewhat unusual, so keep that in mind.
  • In my mind $1700 per month is not what I would consider a “good deal,” even for “luxury” accommodations as this place is billed. I don’t consider myself a hipster, a pioneer or a clever real estate shopper.

This article and the resulting comments have really opened up the possibilites for discussion and I will be addressing them in the days and weeks to come. Clearly I will revisit topics such as Identity and Restart and others as they become relevant. Now that my quasi-anonymity is nonexistent, my tone will be more personal and perhaps it will be easier to understand each other. I hope that is the case.


  1. Edie Spencer wrote:

    Hello there!

    A preface: I grew up in Bed Stuy ( or as the real estate people would say, Stuyvesant Heights) and left, as soon as possible, for college in the West and only come back to visits every few years.

    It amazes me how much changes and how little does not. The huge strange condo buildings, such as yours, pop up like over grown weeds. Meanwhile, good food markets, sustainable business training and (malignant) neglect of streets and garbage pickup continue as it ever does.

    There was always issues with ‘genetrification’ in Bed Stuy.There are a number of Strivers Rows where incoming African Americans who were middle class were deeply resented by African Americans who were poor and did not have choices in life. There were plenty of Afro-Carribean and African American tensions- my family bore plenty of insults about being from Carribean. So do not feel as if your skin color, being in white majority, necessarily means that the attack on you ( and I am deeply sorry and ashamed) is something new, brought by being a new comer. It’s not new at all.

    The thing is- $1700 is a good Manhattan rent, with better amenities and closer to art scenes. What were you looking for when you decided up on this apartment, this neighborhood?

    Monday, July 28, 2008 at 2:41 pm | Permalink
  2. dave wrote:

    dude: $1,700 is not a good deal in that area. you can consider yourself to be getting ripped off. i have come to find myself in a sort of similar situation. ripped off in park slope. $1,800 for a small one bedroom. nice neighborhood, but pretty much $200 over market rate. neighbors mentioned to me the going rate is about $1,600/$1,650. plus i paid a fee. misery loves company i guess.

    Monday, July 28, 2008 at 10:22 pm | Permalink
  3. Zilla wrote:

    As a Black woman who’s lived in Fort Greene, Newark and Bedford-Stuyvesant (in that order) for the past 10 years, I am perplexed, vexed and amused at how people — most (often) white people accustomed to living in Manhattan — move to the ‘hood and have (often) absurd expectations for their day-to-day living experiences. I, too, hope for adequate and reasonable amentities in my neighborhood of residence, but I sure as heck don’t come to Bed-Stuy expecting it to be a carbon copy of the East Village or Williamsburg or Morningside Heights. DO. YOUR. HOMEWORK. FIRST. Everybody doesn’t pray and live for Starbucksfication. Please believe.

    Thursday, July 31, 2008 at 10:03 am | Permalink

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