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I am rubber and you are glue

Yesterday’s post ended up being much longer than I had intended and not really funny at all. Not that gentrification is funny, but I like to find humor in everything. This post will be short and humorous.

Today I was hit with a water balloon.

a popped water balloon

As I walked down the playground side of the street a band of rogues jumped from behind a bush, lobbed their aqueous projectile at me and began to run. It glanced off the left side of the seat of my pants and landed impotently on the sidewalk. Stunned, I just kept walking at the same pace, looking back to see the posse disperse.

Thinking back, I should have turned around slowly shaking my fist in their general direction and saying something like “You meddling kids!” a la Mr. Wilson.

You meddling kids!

I don’t know what to make of it. It’s kind of endearing, to be the target of a water balloon.