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Vexed Yuppifiers

In my six months in New York City I have learned, seen and tasted many things new and wonderful. I’ve also had other not-so-wonderful experiences. I have partied with people I barely knew at birthdays for people I never met, gone from homeless to gentrifier, touched a new layer of snow and been a sucker a time or two. I love this city, but there are things I can’t help but miss about Texas. Among these are

  • Cheap Cajun, Mexican and Catfish
  • Country music radio stations and Dave Moreland
  • The Lone Star Flag

However, there are some things I am glad to be rid of, like mosquitoes and driving.

These differences are more like trade offs than disadvantages. For instance, instead of being able to get tacos and refried beans any time I want, I can enjoy Massaman curry. There’s not a lot of Thai in Texas. Lacking country stations? Well, I don’t like listening to the radio anymore anyway, so I can just listen to it over teh internetz. As for the flag, the I ♥ NY campaign is a fine substitute. Ok, so nothing can take the place of the Lone Star, but I digress.

The Texas Flag

Six months of life in NYC means I’ve spent four months in this yuppie spaceship here in Bedford-Stuyvesant at 756 Myrtle.

This means I’m already a third of the way through my lease, crazy! Although I have to admit

I’ve been shafted.

Yeah you heard me Myrtle LLC. You FAIL. Epically.

Here is what you promised:

  • Laundry
  • Gym
  • Duane Reade
  • Coffee shop
  • Day care
  • Medical Office

The reality?

We did get the laundry around November. Alright, but four washing machines and dryers doesn’t seem like enough for the whole building. The gym is still M.I.A., much to the chagrin of my neighbors who considered it the selling point (fortunately for them, I did see the equipment and a new door has appeared in the lobby). I know what you’re going to say Myrtle LLC, “gym to be provided by outside operator; additional fees apply.” That is unacceptable. Where I come from, someone says something, they mean it and do it. When money is involved, you have a legal obligation to carry through on your promises. Otherwise it’s called bait and switch. What about the Duane Reade? Same song? Sorry, I’ve already tuned into an internet station to listen to the songs I actually want to hear. The other stuff? Pipe dreams. I haven’t even heard one rumor that any of this will happen in the next eight months.

Do we, my fellow yuppifiers, have any recourse? Probably not. You see, conveniently none of this is in the lease, at least not mine. I’m not sure about the legal issues surrounding bait and switch, but I know there are a few lawyers under our roof who could find out.

Yes it’s a rant, but someone had to say it.


  1. chris wrote:

    My Lord you sweet Darlin, coming all the way from Texas to pay wayyyy to much rent for mothing. I came here eight years ago from Dallas and missed all the same things you do (except the country music and big trucks) but, I lived in a ok place that was wayyyyy to much. i owed in a gentrified area in Dallas and saw the same thing in Bed Stuy. I told my crappy landlord I was going to show him how to treat a home and tenant, we purchased and gut renovated a brownstone and put all the “normal” things in the apartments..washer/dryer, garbage disposal, dishwasher, roof deck..etc. We didn’t try to charge people to much but, we are not a development that was ment to be sold as condos and had to be converted to rentals.
    Welcome to the hard life of the NYC you are not a yuppifier here you are an outsider so, like me you will learn how to say F YOU(in a nice way) and do as we Texans do and make your own damn way!!! when you get out of the lease move something modest do what you like with the extra money:) Good luck

    Monday, February 4, 2008 at 10:21 pm | Permalink
  2. anon wrote:

    Honestly until now (and I obviously came here via the NY Times story) it hadn’t occurred to me that the residents of the Mynt were sold a bill of goods. I kind of thought you were all just insane. I mean, you’re living on Murder Avenue, what do you expect?

    I’m feeling a little more sympathetic though. It is total horse duck to promise childcare and a gym if you don’t have these things to offer, and it is a bald faced lie to talk like the neighborhood is turning into the West Village with cafes popping up all over the place.

    And I can see how I might pay a little extra for a gym.

    Now I’m waiting to see how fast these developments fall apart. There are more, on Franklin and Lex, and dotted around the Stuy. Places where people are paying a lot to live in a neighborhood with marginally maintained sidewalks.

    I’m starting to wonder whether the rents won’t be dropping dramatically as people (like you) realize that the neighborhood just isn’t there yet. Not at $1700 rents on Myrtle Avenue.

    Sunday, July 27, 2008 at 9:05 am | Permalink

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