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The search for shops.

Yesterday I decided I would try to find a grocer somewhere in the vicinity of 756 Myrtle to begin frequenting. I picked a store randomly and went in and bought a few items for the next morning. I’m not certain, but from what I can tell it seems that most places around are cash only. I rarely carry around cash, so I had to use their ATM. This was fine, because I needed cash for dinner anyway. I’ll probably try a few more before I find one to stick to.

I decided to try Crown Fried Chicken on the block which I felt was a good decision. I got 10 chicken strips for $1.85 and certainly felt it was money well spent. What they call a chicken strip is what Burger King calls a chicken fry, but I distinctly remember being disappointed when I first tried chicken fries at a BK in Albuquerque. I was not disappointed with this purchase. Perhaps it’s because you get them for about 19 cents each? I find them tasty, but that’s probably because they’re loaded with trans fat and/or MSG. Those are normally the reasons.

The G Report: Entered Myrtle-Willoughby at 11:49, arrived at transfer 8 minutes later. So far I have found the G to be very consistent.

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